Child Custody

At Naimi Family Law Group, we understand that your children are of the utmost importance. When you’re facing divorce or a child custody dispute, protecting your children is our main priority. With the help of a child custody attorney from our firm, you can ensure your child custody proceedings go smoothly and efficiently - minimizing the damage to your children and family unit.

Our firm excels in complex child cases. We serve clients by helping them with matters such as:

  • Paternity. In matters where the parties are not married or the biological relationship of one parent and the child is in question, we can help you file a Complaint to Establish Paternity which may be necessary to ensure that the child is biologically related to both parties. We can also help you opt-out of the testing, if you wish. Upon confirmation of Paternity, we will begin your case.
  • Legal and Physical Custody. We can help you gain decision-making authority, or legal custody, in your children’s lives for issues such as healthcare, education, name changes, and religion. We can also seek physical custody on your behalf, which dictates where and which parent the children will spend the most time with.
  • Relocation Disputes. When one parent wants to move a child out-of-state, conflicts can certainly arise. We’ll help you apply for relocation the right way, drafting up agreements and court orders with the correct law and terms.
  • Temporary Custody. If you’re still working out a custody agreement or need custody of your children in the short term, we can help you take the proper steps to get temporary custody.
  • Custody Mediation. When you and your spouse can’t come to an agreement over custody, we’ll step in to give you sound legal counsel and advice. Mediation is a great alternative to going to court over your custody dispute, and it gives you more control over your situation.
  • Child Custody for Unmarried Parents. Our firm resolves difficult child custody disputes for unmarried parents who are ending their relationships.

Whether you are relocating your children or simply trying to work through your first custody dispute, you can count on the child custody attorneys of Naimi Family Law Group. We are well-practiced in helping parents gain custody of their children, protect their custodial rights, and work out custody agreements in the face of aggressive or disagreeable spouses. We work determinedly in your children’s best interests, seeking compromise and custodial agreements that benefit everyone.

To work with one of our expert child custody attorneys today, contact Naimi Family Law Group at (702) 901-4800. We serve clients across the Las Vegas area, and look forward to meeting your legal needs.

Protect Your Parental Rights

If you are located in Summerlin, Las Vegas or elsewhere in Southern Nevada, our legal team can help you with a range of child custody issues.

What Are Your Custodial Rights?

At Naimi Family Law Group, we advise a range of individuals on their legal rights to child custody. This includes mothers and fathers who are facing divorce, mothers and fathers who were never married, and grandparents.


At Naimi Family Law Group in Las Vegas, we provide practical advice and discreet, strategic legal representation in important matters related to child custody, including parent relocation.

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