Child Support

Child support is a payment from one spouse to another for the care of children. It is intended to meet the needs of the children. However, standard child support calculated by statute can be a complicated issue - especially since it does little to consider custodial arrangements, monthly income, or the unique situation of you and the other parent.

To factor in the nuances of your current living and financial situation, it is important to work with a qualified child support attorney at Naimi Family Law Group. Our attorneys will work with you and your spouse to come to a fair child support agreement or fight for your rights in court. With our guidance and representation, you can address child support issues such as:

  • Physical custody, which is an agreement for the physical timeshare of each parent with the child(ren) that can change the amount of child support you are entitled to or must pay
  • Deviation factors that may include the cost of private school, child care, travel costs, medical costs, medical insurance, and other expenses
  • Modification of existing child support agreements due to new circumstances, change in income, new information, or other changes
  • Temporary child support during child custody litigation and while pending a final order (or settlement)

Our firm understands that every child support case is unique, despite the “standard” statutory formula. We take a calculated approach to your child support case, factoring in your and your spouse’s circumstances as well as your ability to financially support your children. With our legal counsel, support, and advocacy, you can ensure your child support agreement is fair for everyone involved.

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Extensive Experience With Child Support Matters | Highly Personalized Service

At Naimi Family Law Group, based in Summerlin, we practice only in family law, and we remain committed to protecting the rights and interests of our clients. We have extensive experience with all types of Nevada child support matters. Our lawyers offer highly personalized service and strong representation in child support matters involving:

  • Deviation factors that may include the cost of private school, travel costs, medical costs, medical insurance and other expenses
  • Joint physical custody, which involves a different formula for calculating support
  • Modification of existing child support orders when circumstances have changed
  • Temporary child support during the child custody dispute

Every child support matter is different. As your attorneys, we will handle your case carefully, protect your interests and fight for your rights when necessary. We will answer your questions as they arise and keep you apprised of all important developments in your case.

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