Considering Mediation? We Can Help.

Did you know that you can easily spend up to $60,000 when you hire a divorce lawyer to handle your case through traditional methods? Your spouse will be spending just as much as well, so you could be looking at expenses totaling well over $100,000.

There is a better way.

An experienced legal mediator guides you to the right divorce solutions for a simple fee, so you know what to expect upfront.

Jason Naimi, the managing partner at Naimi Family Law Group, helps couples find a compromise through mediation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution.

As a mediator, Jason puts his knowledge and skills to work guiding couples to solutions that meet the needs of the entire family, without delays, conflict, and drama that come along with the traditional divorce process.

During a mediation session, you can expect the following:

  • Mediation overview (what to expect in mediation and what we need to prepare for the mediation)
  • Preparation of mediation
  • All necessary documents to be filed with the court (if the parties reach an agreement)

Learn more about how we can help through our Flat Fee Mediation Services.

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