Divorce Mediation

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method that involves a neutral third-party facilitating negotiations between the parties. You will meet with them on a basis that fits your schedule to talk through divorce matters, formulating an agreement to present to the court and avoid the need for litigation.

The attorneys of Naimi Family Law Group are skilled in mediation and can help you in two primary ways:

  1. We can represent you during mediation. The attorneys of Naimi Family Law Group can help you ensure your divorce agreement is fair, as well as inform you of any legal issues that could arise from your decisions.
  2. We can act as family law mediators. Our lawyers are available to facilitate mediation as the mediators. We are on the list of court-recommended mediators in Southern Nevada, and consistently receive referrals from judges and other attorneys.

Whether you need our legal counsel or would like our qualified mediators to take an active part in your mediation process, Naimi Family Law Group is here to help. We provide compassionate care to you and your family, and our results-driven mission keeps your negotiations moving forward toward a solution - without the need for court.

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