High-Asset Divorce Cases In Las Vegas

Whether you are a business owner with several financial accounts, an executive with a large number of assets, or anything in-between, high net worth divorces present different, more complex challenges than a regular divorce. This makes it essential to enlist the help of an attorney who has the experience and qualifications to resolve your high net worth divorce attorney. At Naimi Family Law Group, our attorneys have the necessary tools to resolve such complex cases in an efficient and expeditious manner. With our assistance, you’ll ensure your divorce goes as smoothly as possible and protects what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

The high net worth divorce lawyers at Naimi Family Law Group help clients through a number of issues specific to high net worth divorces. Backed by our combined decades of experience and expertise in family law, you’ll be able to overcome disputes over:

  • Property division. It is not uncommon for high net worth individuals to own a lot of property, including community property and commingled property, that is difficult to divide. Our lawyers can help you wade through paperwork and fight for your property rights during your divorce.
  • Asset division. If you have financial portfolios such as retirement accounts, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, real estate, jewelry, or vehicles, you’ll need our help putting a value on and protecting these assets and other personal property.
  • Professional accounts. Business owners or partnerships need to protect the future of their business and income. We can help you sort through your business accounts and determine the best route to take during divorce litigation.
  • Hidden assets. Spouses may try to hide valuable assets in a high net worth divorce. We work closely with private investigators and forensic accountants to uncover these assets and make sure they are distributed fairly.

With a high net worth divorce attorney from Naimi Family Law Group by your side, you can ensure your assets, property, and professional accounts are protected throughout and after your divorce. We make use of our extensive network to document the assets and property you own and utilize our expansive divorce services to prevent issues from arising in the future.

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