International Divorce

Divorce is a tough process, but couples who are going through an international divorce can easily find themselves facing several additional complications - especially if they have children. International court systems, laws, and governments can all affect your ability to create a parenting plan and sort through other divorce issues such as the division of property and assets. 

One of the most serious situations couples face when undergoing an international divorce include issues surrounding the Hague Convention on Child Abduction. These issues might include:

  • Parental abduction where one parent takes a child to another country and does not return
  • Custody issues caused by differing court systems and governments in each parent’s respective country
  • Requests of consent to take a child to another country for visitation or vacation

If you are facing any issues surrounding the Hague Convention, it is essential to enlist the help of an experienced international divorce attorney. At Naimi Family Law Group, our lawyers exclusively practice cases of divorce and family legal issues, including international divorce.

We are exceptionally well-versed in important international divorce mandates such as those outlined in the Hague Convention, and can help you work out agreements with an international party or formulate legal custody agreements. We can also pursue Hague cases if your ex-partner has taken your child to another country without permission, or if they have gone to an out-of-country court to pursue a custody arrangement. Our international attorneys are also qualified to help you sort through material divorce issues such as property and asset division. 

Without the assistance of one of our international attorneys, you could be putting yourself at risk for losing property, custody, and even your divorce’s validity in the future. Multiple attorney’s at Naimi Family Law Group are international family law attorneys recognized by the International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL), a prestigious worldwide association that commends attorneys committed to excellence in international divorce and custody. We are ready to serve you with the advocacy, support, and information you need to keep your children and future safe.

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