Issues Involving Children

No one wants their children to suffer during or after their divorce or custody dispute. However, the legal issues surrounding children do make matters more complex and complicated. By gaining the support of a trusted legal advisor like the attorneys at Naimi Family Law Group, you can protect your children and find legal resolutions that work in their best interests.

Exclusively practicing family law, Naimi Family Law Group excel in complex cases involving children. Our divorce attorneys serve clients in matters of:

  • Child Custody. Child custody arrangements can be difficult to create, especially if you are dealing with an aggressive ex-partner or one who cannot properly take care of your children. Our team will ensure your child custody agreement works in your children’s best interests and fight for their rights in court if necessary.
  • Child Support. Child support, or the payment one spouse pays to the other for care of their children, is a complicated issue in divorce and custody matters. Our team can help you determine a fair amount of child support, as well as help you enforce the payments through court orders and modifications of orders.
  • Parenting Time. We help separating couples come to an agreement about parenting time, working in the child’s best legal and personal interests. 
  • Parents’ Rights. To establish parentage, allocate visitation time, or if you need to prove that your spouse is the parent of your child in order to gain child support, our team can help. We also help those who need to prove they are not the parent in order to avoid paying child support. 
  • Grandparent Rights. If you are denied access to your grandchildren, our firm further services parents who need to protect their parental rights, as well as grandparents and third parties who need decision-making authority in the children’s lives. 

When you need to protect your children before, during, or after your divorce, call on Naimi Family Law Group for expert legal counsel and advocacy. Our attorneys are fully equipped to help you through your case and are sensitive to the impact divorce can have on your children and family. We always work in your children’s best interests, never hesitating to stand up for their rights in and out of the courtroom. 

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