Modification and Enforcement after the Trial or Decree

When your life changes because of a new job, new relationship, or something similar, your divorce or custody agreement might need to be modified to fit your new circumstances. In other cases, you might need help enforcing aspects of your finalized agreement such as alimony or child support. The attorneys of Naimi Family Law Group are fully equipped to help you through the issues after your divorce or custody matter.

With expert legal care and decades of combined experience serving clients who need modifications or enforcements, our lawyers can help you:

  • Modify an existing agreement such as a divorce agreement, custody or child support agreement, spousal maintenance or alimony agreement, or other finalized documentation. Modification can take place because of new information coming to light, a change in circumstances, or anything else that might warrant a change.
  • Enforce an existing agreement such as those listed above through court orders and paperwork, including if a spouse is not following the agreement.
  • Enforce modifications to an agreement, such as payment of new child support, spousal support, and others.

Whether you need to modify your divorce agreement after your divorce has been finalized, are facing a disagreeable ex-partner, or need parts of your divorce or custody agreement enforced, call on Naimi Family Law Group. Our attorneys can help you determine if post-decree modification or enforcement is an option for you and start working on your case right away. With our experienced team at your side, your case will move more swiftly and efficiently through the courts.

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