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Naimi Family Law Group is one of Nevada’s premier family law firms. Based in Las Vegas, our attorneys are known for resolving the most complex family law issues.


When ending a marriage, even the most amicable of couples can find there are divorce issues they simply cannot agree upon. However, when negotiation attempts fail, it does not mean that spouses have to proceed directly to trial. In recent years, methods of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, have become an increasingly popular way to resolve complex divorce disputes.

Child Custody

At Naimi Family Law Group, we understand that our clients’ children are of utmost importance. Whether in a child custody dispute or during a divorce, we ensure that the best interests of our clients’ children are upheld and that our clients’ parental rights are protected. Our attorneys have a long history of resolving the most complex family law issues, including contested child custody cases.


While most people do not want to think about divorce as they plan for their weddings, it has become vital for many Nevada couples to consider prenuptial agreements before saying their “I do’s.” Premarital agreements, also known as “prenups,” are actually quite common in our state.


At Naimi Family Law Group, our attorneys believe in protecting the parental rights of all our clients, regardless of marital status. We understand that parents who have never married can often face the same issues as parents who are ending their marriages.

Child Support

Child support is intended to meet the needs of children. In many cases, child support is calculated by a statutory formula that takes into account the physical custodial arrangement between parents, gross monthly income and the number of children involved.

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