Parents’ and Grandparents’ Rights

Many people take their parenting rights for granted, but your ability to parent might be called into question during a divorce or custody dispute. This could seriously impact the amount of time you get to spend with your children as well as your custody rights. Sometimes, a child’s grandparents or a third party, such as a step-parent or an aunt or uncle, may need to step-in to assume the role of parent or to fight for sharing time.

Whether you are a parent protecting your rights or a grandparent pursuing your rights to care or spend time with your grandchildren, you need the support of a knowledgeable attorney to protect your parents’ or grandparents’ rights. The attorneys at Naimi Family Law Group know exactly what it takes to achieve your legal goals when it comes to taking care of your children or grandchildren. We’ve helped clients through parents’ and grandparents’ rights issues such as:

  • Custody orders that determine legal and physical custody of children, including the right to make decisions and physically spend time with the children
  • Relocation of one parent or grandparent who wants to bring the child with them
  • Mediation and court orders for custody if an agreement cannot be reached
  • Guardianship transfers and applications
  • Modification of existing court orders such as divorce agreements, custody agreements, etc.

With an attorney from Naimi Family Law Group by your side, you can ensure your children or grandchildren are safe and thriving. We’ll protect your parents’ and grandparents’ rights by providing sound legal counsel, solutions that work for you, and endless family law support throughout your case. With our combined decades of experience in family law, you can stay informed throughout your process and feel confident in the days ahead.

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