At Naimi Family Law Group, our attorneys believe in protecting the parental rights of all our clients, regardless of marital status. We understand that parents who have never married can often face the same issues as parents who are ending their marriages.

Paternity & Child Custody

Unmarried fathers may face difficulty securing parenting time with their children after ending relationships with the mothers. If the couple was never married, and paternity has not been established, the father has very little child custody rights. However, our lawyers can help change that. Our first step will be to legally establish paternal status. Normally, this can be achieved through legal statements given by both the mother and father. In the event that the mother denies paternity, our lawyers can help establish our client’s paternal status. Once paternity is determined, our legal team will help you identify and achieve your child custody goals.

Paternity & Child Support

Unmarried mothers seek our legal service when attempts to collect child support have failed. If you were never married to your child’s father and he now refuses to pay child support, our law firm can help. Our attorneys can help bring a legal action to enforce child support payments, as well as collect any payments in arrears.

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