The majority of divorce and legal separation matters are contested, or at least have some issues that the parties cannot agree upon. In these cases, it is essential for your law firm to orchestrate the best support possible for your position. At Naimi Family Law Group, we have established relationships with leading experts and specialists to provide vital testimony on your behalf. This includes:

  • Business valuation experts to determine the value of a community business
  • Forensic accountants to trace hidden assets, establish marital waste, and/or marital/separate property that has been commingled
  • Real estate appraisers to give opinions on the value of real property, including marital property, investment properties, vacation properties, business real estate and rental properties
  • Vocational experts to help assess a person’s employability and earning potential to assist in determining alimony
  • Child therapists to help determine the best interests of the child with respect to custody and relocation

While we have many resources at our disposal when building your case, our attorneys will always establish a fiscally wise action plan at the beginning of your matter. This includes a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of each proposed step, including the hiring of experts.

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At Naimi Family Law Group in Las Vegas, we provide practical advice and discreet, strategic legal representation in important matters related to child custody, including parent relocation. Equipped with more than 65 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys focus solely on family law, offering exceptional personal service to clients who are navigating some of life’s most difficult challenges.

Every relocation situation is different and should be approached with care. As your law firm, we will take the time to listen to your concerns, advocate for your interests and communicate with you on a regular basis. We can help you. Call us today.

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