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Divorce, child custody issues, or even pre- or postnuptial agreements aren’t usually on your mind when you get married or have a child. However, more and more people are facing these issues every single day. If you find yourself in need of family legal services, you need an expert attorney who can provide qualified counsel and representation.

Naimi Family Law Group provides only the best family legal care to residents in Nevada and surrounding areas. We work tirelessly to protect you and your family’s future by providing expert legal counsel, advice, and advocacy throughout your case. With our certified family law attorneys by your side, you can be assured your legal process is in good hands.

About Naimi Family Law Group

For decades, Naimi Family Law Group has provided exceptional family legal services to those in the Nevada area. Our team focuses solely on family law, making our firm one of the few in the area that can handle complete or high-asset cases of divorce or child support. Committed to all aspects of family law, our partners are all Board Certified Family Law Specialists in Nevada, and are also Fellows of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) and International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL).

Our firm prides itself on exceptional customer service as well as legal expertise, boasting a ranking among the nation’s Top 100 Lawyers by The National Advocates as well as a 10/10 customer service ranking on Avvo. The family law attorneys at Naimi Family Law Group have additionally been nominated as Super Lawyers in both past and present years for providing clients with top-notch divorce, marital, and child custody services.

Naimi Family Law Group Practice Areas

We treat your family as our own at Naimi Family Law Group, which is why we don’t hesitate to defend your case in both the meeting room and courtroom. We’ve served clients facing a range of family legal issues, from representing those facing a divorce, child custody disputes, and parentage arguments to others who need help drafting marital paperwork like pre- and postnuptial agreements.

As one of the few firms in the Nevada area to limit our focus on exclusively family law, we are fully equipped to handle complex, high-asset cases. Our family law attorneys are dedicated to minimizing your damages and risks, working toward best-case resolutions, and fighting tirelessly for what you deserve in any family legal issue. Our team utilizes not only our extensive legal knowledge in several areas of family law, but our highly skilled network and years of experience to represent your divorce or marital case.

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Whether you need marital paperwork drafted up and want to cover all your bases or are facing a contested divorce, Naimi Family Law Group is here for you. We can give you prompt, proper legal counsel, and even get started looking into your family legal matter today. To begin working with a qualified family law attorney in the Nevada area now, contact us by phone at (702)-901-4800 and schedule your first, fully confidential consultation.

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