Surviving Divorce as a Stay at Home Parent

The daily lives of stay-at-home parents revolve around family. Whether preparing meals or handling domestic tasks, stay-at-home parents have significant responsibilities. Staying afloat is already a challenge, and divorce further complicates a family’s stability. 

The experienced family law attorneys at Naimi Family Law Group hope to provide some insight that could demystify the complicated divorce process. In this divorce guide for stay-at-home parents, we’ll discuss your options and how best to protect your family’s future.

Consider Your Options in Nevada

It’s no secret that divorce can often be a costly and lengthy endeavor. You may feel inclined to avoid court altogether to save money, but this isn’t a wise choice in the long run. Instead, hire a lawyer and perhaps a divorce coach to help guide you through the steps of dissolving your marriage.

Litigation is one of the most common and expensive divorce options, but alternatives are available. Naimi Family Law Group divorce guide for stay-at-home parents suggests one of the following.


Mediation is an excellent option if you and your ex-partner believe you can come to a cooperative arrangement. In mediation, a neutral, unbiased third party helps the divorcees reach a settlement agreement that works for both parties.

Usually, mediators discourage you from bringing your divorce attorney into the room to maintain a nonconfrontational environment. However, you can speak to your attorney before the mediation if you so choose.

Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce allows each party to bring divorce attorneys to assist the divorcees in coming to an agreeable conclusion. This option enables discussion outside the courtroom, which is preferable for many divorcees.

Assessing Your Finances

Before determining the cost of a divorce and establishing future expenses, it’s crucial to gather your previous household financial information to understand your budgeting options better. To do so, you need to access: 

  • Bank accounts.
  • Credit card information.
  • Existing debt.
  • Any recurring bills.

Following this assessment of your joint finances, you can determine what steps are necessary to secure your financial future apart from your ex-partner.

It’s common in divorce cases for stay-at-home parents to discuss the possibility of alimony and child support. If alimony is issued, the court will order your spouse to pay you a monthly sum during the divorce process and for a short period after. Likewise, child support is a court-ordered payment that you can use for your child’s needs.

However, alimony may not last long, and child support is rarely enough to support a family. If you cannot receive financial support from family members or friends, it may be best to find a job to secure your financial independence.

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Divorce is an unfortunate experience for all parties involved. This divorce guide for stay-at-home parents provides some possible solutions to your concerns, but it’s best to hear it directly from the source. 

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