Visitation/Parenting Timeshare

When facing a divorce or custody dispute, one of the primary issues you might encounter is determining a visitation schedule or a custody timeshare, if you have children with your soon-to-be ex-partner. The visitation or timeshare is the amount of time you and the other parent spend with your children following a divorce or custody/paternity order. While this might seem like an informal procedure, it is important to adhere to court rules and requirements. Specifically, the amount of time you or the other parent receive will likely make a significant change to the child support award. 

With the help of Naimi Family Law Group, you can ensure you are getting the right amount of time with your child(ren) given your circumstances, custody order, or divorce agreement. Our family law attorneys can help you:

  • Draft a parenting plan that fulfills your children’s best interests
  • Present a parenting plan to the other parent’s team or the court
  • Modify an existing parenting plan by filing a motion with the court
  • Ensure each party is adhering to the terms of your parenting plan 
  • Enforce a parenting pan if the other parent is disregarding it or neglecting to follow the rules

When you enlist the assistance of our firm, you can be rest assured that your case is in expert, qualified hands. We have helped hundreds of clients pursue the parenting time they deserve, promoting a positive and productive future for their families even in the midst of divorce. 

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