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You have decided to make a change in your life - the hardest part is over. Let us guide you and support you as you work through divorce proceedings, custody arrangements, or your prenuptial agreement. We are here to protect your interests and make this decision as smooth as possible. 

Our Commitment to Your Family

After a big life change, like a divorce, enters your life, you ask yourself a lot of questions. How did it get here? How can I make it through this? What will my life look like after? 

But there is one big question you do not need to ask when you work with Naimi Family Law Group - who is on your side? With us, you will have support from our first chat to the final step of your resolution. Our experienced attorneys see solutions, not roadblocks, in your path ahead. We are there for you through the legal process with guidance based on the latest legal strategies and our years of experience. We are committed advocates for family legal cases like yours - that is all we do. 

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Set up your initial confidential consultation so we can get to know each other. We want to hear your story - how you got here, what you are hoping to achieve, what worries and fears you have about the road ahead of you. And we will tell you honestly what we can do and what you can expect.

Start the Process Together

The legal process can be confusing and emotionally draining. We are here to explain exactly what is going on, what the best course of action is, and to advocate for you and your family. And we are here to support you the whole way through. You will have a whole legal team dedicated just to you. 

Your New Chapter Begins

See the light at the end of the tunnel - your life has changed, but you have a path forward and the support of our whole firm. Whatever solution we arrive at together, you will find confidence, clarity, and clear communication from us every step of the way. 

Our Services

You deserve legal advice and guidance from experts who will tell you the truth, serve your needs, and protect your best interests. That is just what we offer at Naimi Family Law Group. We offer practical advice, concrete solutions, and non-judgemental listening in a supportive environment. As you go through a transition with your life and your family, we are here for you, and here with you. 


Divorce is difficult - not only financially, but emotionally and mentally. When you need legal support through the days ahead, the divorce attorneys of Naimi Family Law Group are here to help. We equip you with the tools and advocacy you need to fight for your rights in divorce or reach a compromise for the benefit of all.

Child Custody

At Naimi Family Law Group, we understand that our clients’ children are of utmost importance. Whether in a child custody dispute or during a divorce, we ensure that the best interests of our clients’ children are upheld and that our clients’ parental rights are protected.


A prenuptial agreement is a smart and simple way to protect yourself and your partner before you join your lives. Premarital agreements are common in Nevada, so make sure you get one that works for you. We help you set up your joint life the smart way, so you are ready just in case things do not go as planned.

Ready to start the journey to the next phase of your life, with family law experts by your side from start to finish?

Find the right fit with the legal professionals at Naimi Family Law Group. Schedule your completely confidential consultation today and let us get you a plan to navigate through the legal process smoothly into your new life.

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