Divorcing a Narcissist? How We Can Help.

Being married to someone who is difficult, self-centered, and has difficulty empathizing with others is exhausting. Maybe they developed that way over time, or maybe you have just accepted it as part of their personality. But now, you are contemplating divorcing a narcissist and wondering, What does this process look like?

You are likely considering some difficult questions:

  • How can I bring up divorce with my narcissistic spouse?
  • Will I be able to compromise with my spouse?
  • My spouse thinks they can ignore court orders. How can I enforce an order against them?
  • How can I approach financial allocation when my spouse expects to get everything they want?
  • How do I prevent my spouse from making me feel guilty for wanting a divorce?
  • How am I going to manage communicating with my narcissistic spouse?
  • What will happen to our children when we divorce? How can I make sure they are safe? Who will get custody?
  • How do I keep from triggering my narcissistic spouse when seeking compromise?
  • What can I say to my entitled spouse?
  • Will I have to go to court to divorce my narcissistic spouse?

Naimi Family Law Group will help you divorce a narcissist.

Naimi Family Law Group helps those facing a narcissist-related divorce. We understand that communication may be difficult, or you may fear the future without your spouse. But by working with our team, you will gain the stability and assurance you need to move forward.

Our divorce lawyers will help you:

  • Communicate with Your Narcissistic Spouse. Our divorce attorneys have expert communication skills. We will not permit your narcissistic spouse to bully you. We will deal with your spouse directly, or through your spouse’s legal team, to insist on appropriate behavior in order to resolve issues and reach agreements.
  • Enforce Court Orders. Narcissists often think they can get away with avoiding court orders regarding child support, spousal support, or visitation. We will keep your spouse in-check and ensure the court enforces these agreements and/or court orders.
  • Compromise and Reach Agreements. It goes without saying that compromising and reaching an agreement with someone who thinks they should always get their way is difficult. Thankfully, our team can help your divorce progress by employing the best strategies surrounding communication and negotiation.
  • Protect Your Children. Your narcissistic spouse might not realize that their behaviors influence your children. We will help keep conflict out of your home and confined to the meeting room or courtroom to prevent your children’s exposure to the narcissistic behaviors of your spouse.
  • Litigate When Compromise Fails. When you simply can’t negotiate with your narcissistic spouse, our attorneys have the expertise to advocate for you in court. This will help you reach solutions without having to disparage your spouse.

By working with an attorney from Naimi Family Law Group, you will be in a much better position to achieve your divorce goals. You will also be better equipped to handle any manipulation or demands your narcissistic spouse may make.

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