Divorcing a Narcissist? How We Can Help.

Being married to someone who is manipulative, self-centered, and unable to empathize with others is exhausting. The prospect of divorcing a person with these narcissistic personality traits may seem just as grueling, but in the end it is far less painful than remaining in a toxic relationship.

For a narcissist, a divorce signals a loss of control, this personality type will often fight at every step to show everyone who’s boss. Or they may act cooperative initially and encourage you to reach a settlement without an attorney. This is usually just another method of exerting control.You can protect yourself best by securing legal representation right at the start.

The team at Naimi Family Law Group understands how to manage the tactics used by a narcissistic spouse. We can protect the full range of your interests and minimize your exposure to conflict so that you emerge ready to move forward to a better life ahead.

Protection from Experienced Legal Advisors

The process of divorcing a narcissist can be intimidating. Many spouses are unsure where to start and what to say to their spouse. The team at Nami Family Law Group can guide you and advocate on your behalf throughout the process. We will help you:

  • Communicate with Your Spouse. We will not permit your narcissistic spouse to bully you. Our attorneys excel at communication, so we can deal with your spouse directly, or work with your spouse’s legal team to convey essential information. We will insist on appropriate behavior in order to resolve issues and reach agreements.
  • Enforce Court Orders. Narcissists often think they can get away with avoiding court orders regarding child support, spousal support, or visitation. We know the right strategies to keep your spouse in compliance and will ensure that the court enforces agreements and orders.
  • Compromise and Reach Agreements. It can be challenging to reach a fair agreement with someone who thinks they should always get their way. However, we know a few tactics that often enable us to convince your spouse that the compromise position is their idea, and this often paves the way for an advantageous result without conflict.
  • Protect Your Children. Hurtful, out-of-control behaviors from a narcissistic spouse can damage a child’s relationship with both parents and harm their sense of self-worth. Our legal team will help keep conflict out of your home and confined to the meeting room or courtroom to prevent your children’s exposure to the narcissistic behavior.
  • Litigate When Compromise Fails. If negotiation fails to get the results you deserve, our attorneys have the expertise to advocate successfully for you in court. We know how to get our points across to the judge without ugly contention.

By working with an attorney from Naimi Family Law Group, you will be in a much better position to achieve your divorce goals. You will also be better equipped to handle any manipulation or demands from your narcissistic spouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are divorcing or even thinking of divorcing a spouse with narcissistic personality traits, you are facing some difficult questions. While every situation is unique, here are some general explanations for questions we get frequently:

How can I bring up divorce with my narcissistic spouse?

It is wise to consult your attorney and get plans in place before bringing up the subject of divorce. You should make sure you have copies of all important financial information, access to accounts, and you need a plan to keep yourself safe if your news triggers a dangerous reaction. Your attorney can help you prepare.

How can I approach financial allocation when my spouse expects to get everything they want?

Your spouse is not legally entitled to get everything they want. Often, it is necessary to allow a judge to allocate property to get a fair settlement, but we can ensure that the judge understands your priorities and why you are entitled to a share of marital property that your spouse claims should be their sole separate property.

How do I prevent my spouse from making me feel guilty for wanting a divorce?

You cannot control what your spouse feels or thinks, but you can control what you choose to listen to. By channeling all communication through your legal team, your spouse has little opportunity to manipulate your feelings.

Will I be able to compromise with my spouse?

Only time will tell the answer to this one. While we often use techniques to encourage compromise, we also always lay the groundwork to succeed in achieving your goals through litigation if necessary.

Naimi Family Law Group Will Help You Divorce a Narcissist

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