Legal Separation

Legal separation is an alternative to divorce, which is why many couples choose this route as a precursor to divorce or a way to gain some distance from their spouse. Legal separation in Nevada entails remaining married in terms of religion based choices, taxes, healthcare, and other financial agreements while physically living separate and apart. Agreements such as child support and child custody may be affected by legal separation, depending on your circumstances.

Although legal separation is a less complex option than divorce, it is still important to have a family law attorney you can call on for legal counsel. The attorneys at Naimi Family Law Group are all experienced in handling legal separation matters, including:

  • Modification of agreements including child support and care, spousal support (if applicable), and other agreements related to your legal separation
  • Paperwork and legal documentation that you need in order for your legal separation to be a factor in your future
  • Customization of legal separation terms such as agreements, resolutions, and productive meetings
  • Legal separation support through family law counsel and representation
  • Counsel for all matters of legal separation, including Nevada family law, limitations, and more

Whether you have questions about your legal separation or are considering this route as an alternative to divorce, call on our legal separation attorneys. We’ll walk you through your case, explain your options, and help you take the next steps so you can live a healthier, happier future. Our attorneys will provide you with sound counsel and advice while protecting your children, assets, and property.

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