Property Division

Nevada is a community property state. This means that any property or debt acquired during your marriage is considered to be the property of both spouses. But because there are certain exceptions to this law that make marital property in divorce a complicated issue, it is important to have a divorce attorney for legal counsel and advocacy.

At Naimi Family Law Group, we see the bigger picture when considering property division. Our qualified divorce attorneys will counsel you on various forms of property, including businesses, real property, retirement accounts, investments, luxury and hidden assets, community waste and debts, taxes, and other personal property. We also specialize in more complex issues of property division, including:

  • Complicated financial portfolios. Our attorneys handle cases involving stock options, real estate investments, other investments, business, and other income, retirement and bank accounts, and even offshore accounts.
  • Commingled property. When you are married, some of your property combines, “commingles,” or gets mixed together, which makes it hard to divide. We work with financial experts to trace which property is personal and which is community property.
  • Business valuations. If you and/or your spouse own a business, you must make sure you know its exact value. We work with accredited business valuation experts to determine the value of your business and how it should be divided.

Property division in a Nevada divorce can be a complicated issue, one that should be addressed by a qualified property and divorce attorney. The team at Naimi Family Law Group can address your property division needs and takes pride in maintaining a network of professionals who can help with the valuation of your property.

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