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Whether you’re trying to draft up marital paperwork or are in the midst of a highly contested divorce or custody battle, you need a competent family law attorney by your side. You should always leave your legal proceedings in capable hands to minimize your risks and protect your family’s future – no matter the circumstances.

At Naimi Family Law Group, our family law attorneys are committed to helping you through your family law issue with competent care, sound legal advice, and tireless representation. We service clients in the Henderson, Nevada area and always fight for your best interests in cases of divorce, matrimonial paperwork, child custody issues, and more.

About Naimi Family Law Group

For decades, Naimi Family Law Group has served clients in the Henderson area with top-notch legal counsel and strategies. As one of the few firms in the area that focuses specifically on family law, we are exceptionally prepared to handle even the most complex and complete family law cases. Our family law partners are Board Certified Family Law Specialists in Nevada and are also Fellows of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) and International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL).

Naimi Family Law Group additionally boasts complete customer satisfaction in all areas of family law. Our team maintains a 10/10 customer service rating on Avvo, and many of our family law attorneys have been ranked among Super Lawyers in past and recent years. By treating your family as our own and applying an extensive legal network and expertise to your case, we ensure we’re fighting for your best-case resolution and meeting – if not exceeding – your expectations.

Naimi Family Law Group Practice Areas

Focused exclusively on family law issues, Naimi Family Law Group serves clients in the Henderson area with top-notch legal counsel and care. We are able to handle even the most complex and high-asset cases and can help you through a number of family legal issues. Such issues include divorce preparation and proceedings, marital disputes and agreements such as pre- and postnuptial agreements, custody issues like child custody, parentage disputes, and support, and more.

At Naimi Family Law Group, we don’t stop fighting in your best interest. We’ll take your case to both the meeting room and courtroom, if necessary, and always provide you with qualified legal advice and care. With our comprehensive care, compassionate service, and top-tiered legal advocacy, you can feel confident in protecting your family and looking forward to the future.

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If you’re a resident of Henderson or a surrounding area and need a family law attorney, don’t hesitate to contact Naimi Family Law Group today. We can answer any questions you may have, and even get started looking into your divorce, marital, custody, or other family legal case. To begin taking steps in your family legal case today, contact our office by phone at (702)-901-4800 and set up your first, fully confidential consultation.




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